Saturday, May 26, 2012

Last Day of School

Around the end of the year school year you hear a lot of moms saying things like, "How is my baby going to be a __ grader?" They grow up too fast as it is so I'm enjoying that my boys will be in the same grades next year. I feel like they are holding steady for a year and not growing quite as fast. They will be going to more school next year but will technically be in the same grades. Kae just finished half-day Kindergarten but he is really young so we decided to give him an extra year. Next year he will be in full-day Kindergarten. Izee just finished his first year of preschool. Next year will be his second year of preschool. Izee went 2 days a week this year and next year it will be 3 days a week.

On Wednesday we celebrated Kae's Kindergarten graduation.

On Thursday we celebrated the end year in preschool with a party at one of Izee's classmate's houses. It was really fun! They had lunch, water balloons and lots of playing outside.

 Now we are ready some summer fun!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter Sunday fell on a beautiful, warm spring day. We got all dressed up in our fancy clothes and, of course, took some pictures before heading to church.

After Church we went to Nonna's & Poppi's house to find the eggs that the Easter Bunny left. (The Easter Bunny know we go to Nonna's & Poppi's after church so he leaves the baskets and eggs at their house.)

Once all the eggs were found about half the candy was eaten we changed out of our fancy clothes and put our boat clothes. We went on Poppi's boat at Boyd lake. 
 It was too cold to swim but we did get to fish,

 drive the boat,

 and just relax.

We all had a really great Easter! He is Risen! Alleluia!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Break 2012

No school, no karate, no gymnastics! What is a family to do? Well . . .

Monday we went to the zoo.

Tuesday we hung out at home and had a nothing day. Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of the nothing :)

Wednesday we went swimming at the Rec Center with our Pray & Play friends. Again, sorry about the lack of pictures. I forgot to take my camera to the pool.

Thursday was PJ and movie day. I didn't take any pictures of movie day either. The boys watched movies and ate popcorn in their rooms while wearing their PJs.

Friday we went to Rope World. Yes, I did remember my camera for Rope World!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Izee's Big Boy Trip

A couple weeks ago Izee decided he was too big to wear diapers. He was right. He has been doing an awesome job of using the potty. That's right; Our house is now diaper-free! WooHoo! Izee picked the Colorado Railroad Museum for his big boy trip. We decided to go on St. Patrick's day because it was the one day in March that the museum offered train rides.
The first thing we did after we arrived was ride the train. The train goes around the perimeter of the museum so you can see the whole train yard.
(The train turner)

(Izee on the train)

(Poppi and Kae riding the train)

Then we walked around and looked at all the different kinds of trains.
(Kae & Izee being silly on the manual push train)

(Daddy and the boys on the engine)

(Nonna and Izee on the passenger car. We could look in and see the pretty velvet seats but we couldn't go in.)

(Izee on the caboose)

(The mail train. No, those aren't real people.)

(Mommy and Daddy in the track service truck)

(In case you didn't read the side of the train, this is the kitchen car. We couldn't go in this one either but we could look in the door and see the cast iron stove.)

(This is the coolest and biggest train car at the museum, the snow blower car. Look how tiny we look next to this thing!)

Last we went inside to learn more about trains.
(Izee operating the track control board)

(Kae sending a telegraph message)

The boys were so good that they even got train sets on the way out.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to Mommy

Mommy's birthday is a pretty fun time for the whole family. My little guys helped Daddy make me a bear-shaped strawberry cake with chocolate frosting.After the cake I got help opening my presents.For my birthday dinner I chose Benihanna. It was perfect! The food was delicious and the boys loved watching it get cooked.